Dare to Dream

Hiking the Pinnacles in the stunning Coromandel Forest Park with my beautiful friend Damon, I was lamenting the unexpected pandemic pause of my busy retreat catering business. In what I can only label as an Ah Ha moment as I stood atop a mountain admiring the fabulous view, I realised that for the first time in as long as I can remember, what I now have an abundance of is…. TIME! In that (celebratory) moment I realised I can take advantage of this time and follow my other passion – to travel the world, experiencing cultures, languages, food, meeting new friends and figuring out where to from here. And so the Dream was born..

Be Prepared

As per the brownie motto, I thought long and hard about how to prepare for not only a month long 800km walk across Spain but also what to pack for a hot summer in Europe followed by a colder November in England!! Good friend Sue swears by the following packing advice ‘Take half as many clothes and twice as much money’. I’ve packed and repacked, I’ve practised hiking with my pack (thanks Genevieve) , I’ve spent months working 2 jobs, reminding myself (when I feel exhausted) that every dollar earned is another freedom on my journey. Finally with 11 days till take off, I feel (mostly) prepared 🙂

The Route

23/07 San Fransisco

24/07 New York

01/08 Malaga/Andalusia

07/08 Barcelona

09/08 Cadaques

12/08 Girona

13/08 Pamplona

15/08 Walking the Camino

23/09-28/10 TBD

28/10 London/UK

29/11 Switzerland

05/12 Thames/New Zealand

“Walk slow, don’t rush. That place you have to reach is yourself”

J Ortega Y Gasset

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